RASASH Support Services

At RASASH we provide free, confidential, person centred emotional and practical support, information and advocacy for survivors of sexual violence and abuse aged 13+, their non-abusing partners, family and friends.

We can also provide consultation, information, guidance and training to staff from other agencies who work with survivors of sexual violence. More Information

We work from the basis that each person's circumstances, experiences and feelings are different and unique to them. We believe that survivors know best what their own needs are, and how they need to be supported. With this in mind, we offer support tailored to your needs. We can provide support whether your experience of sexual violence was recent or a long time ago, and whether or not you reported it to police.

All our work is based on a person centred, non-judgemental approach, and we aim to create a space that is safe, confidential, supportive, accessible and inclusive.

We offer a telephone support line, face to face support, information and advocacy, text and email and skype support. We can also offer the chance to meet other survivors in a group.

At present we can offer face to face support from our centre in Inverness.  If you live further afield and can't travel to Inverness, we can offer you telephone, email or skype support.

If you have chosen to report a sexual offence to police we can support you with that, and we can be there throughout the process and attend court with you.

Many people are unsure about whether or not to report to police and we can support you whilst you consider your options, and longer term, whatever your decision about reporting.

We can support you even if your experience of sexual violence or abuse was a very long time ago.

We have range of information booklets and leaflets covering issues such as child sexual abuse, self harm and managing symptoms of trauma.

Our staff are all female, and when we are supporting women or girls our centre is a woman only space.


Ongoing Support - how we work

You can get in touch with us directly, or ask someone to contact us on your behalf. If someone else is getting in touch with us on your behalf, we will need your signed consent to speak with them or take any information. Once we have this we will contact you in the way and at the times you've indicated are best for you. When we first speak with you we will have an initial chat about what support you feel might be helpful for you. This is an opportunity for you to tell us about how things are for you and/or to ask us any questions you might have. You are free to give us as little or as much information as you wish, and can choose not to answer any questions that we might ask you. We will also talk to you about how and when you prefer to be contacted and explain our approach to confidentiality and record keeping.

With your permission, we will then talk about your request for support at our support team meeting on a Wednesday morning where we will look at when we can offer you support, and which of our Support Workers might best meet your needs.

The support worker who is going to be working with you will phone you back no later than a week after we first spoke with you. They will offer you a time to meet with us at our centre or to talk further over the phone or arrange a Skye session.

Support sessions or advocacy work will be led by you and it will be your choice how this is done. Face to face support sessions could involve talking, writing, using art, sitting in silence or using work sheets. In all the work your support worker's job will be to be there alongside you and to listen to you. All work will be reviewed after a period of time, as agreed between you and your support worker.


Our Support Line

Our local rate support line is staffed Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.30am to 1.00pm and Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1.00pm to 4.30pm. We provide a confidential, non judgemental and supportive listening ear whether you need to talk to someone about how you are feeling right now, want to discuss your reporting options, or want to discuss how our advocacy or support services could support you longer term. 

We can also provide support for family and friends, whether or not their loved one is also receiving support from us. Whilst we cannot discuss or share information on anyone using our services, we can talk to you about how you can support your loved one, and about your feelings about what has happened. If both you and your loved one receive support, we will allocate a different worker to each of you to minimise any potential conflict of interest.

Call us on 03330 066909 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.30 - 1.00pm  Tuesday & Thursday 1.00pm - 4.30pm.

The Rape Crisis Scotland freephone helpline is open every night between 6pm and midnight.

Call Rape Crisis Scotland on 08088 010302