11 Dec

We were delighted to attended the annual Write to End Violence Against Women Awards at the Scottish Parliament on the 10th of December as shortlisted nominees in the 'Best Blog' category for our piece 'Why Women Groping Under Men's Kilts is NOT Sexism'.

On the night, Isabelle Kerr's piece about '50 Shades of Grey' rightly took home the award, but we were honored to be there and enjoyed the experience very much.

In response to our nomination:

"It was a wonderful surprise to be shortlisted, considering that this year there were more nominations for the awards than ever and the standard of the other shortlisted articles was so high. RASASH is less than a year old, and to be nominated for our first ever blog post, is so encouraging.

Though the blog was written by four of us, it was informed by team discussion and directly reflects our experience of the work that we do.

The blog was our response to the problematic, myth-propagating nature of the media coverage and social commentary that surrounded the original stories about male bar staff in Inverness pub, Hootananny. Our motivation for writing it was the fact that these sorts of attitudes not only feed the public a misinformed understanding of the nature of sexual violence, fuelling a culture of victim-blaming and misogyny, but also directly harms survivors themselves. People often ask why survivors of sexual violence blame themselves for their abuse – survivors blame themselves because the society around them does.

The influence of the media is overwhelming, as is made evident through our experiences of prevention work with young people. Having an alternative voice in the media should be celebrated, that’s why awards like this one are so important. However the ‘alternative voice’ shouldn’t be the alternative. We need journalists to see not only their power but also their responsibility - to link gender inequality with sexual violence. We need to work so that the ‘alternative voice’ becomes the mainstream one."


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