Our obligations to maintain your confidentiality

  • You need not provide any personal information if you so choose and you can use a pseudonym if you prefer.
  • All personal information, if any (i.e. name, contact number or address), is held securely and in accordance with GDPR
  • You have the right to see any information that we hold about you
  • Your name and contact details are not attached to any other information we hold on you. Any information we keep about you is held under a reference number
  • We cannot discuss with anyone else anything at all relating to your support without your written permission
  • Your name will never be discussed outwith our organisation at any time, even after you no longer require support
  • RASASH will inform you of the exceptions to our confidentiality policy

We ask you to abide by our confidentiality policy when you are receiving support from us. A breach of this policy may lead to us being unable to provide a service to you and may place other people at risk.

In order to keep the service confidential we ask you to:

  • Keep the identity of any other service user confidential
  • Only visit the centre when you have an appointment. RASASH does not currently offer a drop-in facility

At RASASH we know that it can take a lot of courage to come forward for support and to begin to talk about the issues that you are facing. Our service is confidential; that means that we will not contact or speak to anyone without your consent, and no one need ever need know that you are using our service. We will treat the information you provide us with respect, keep it in the strictest confidence and protect your anonymity. However, there are some exceptional circumstances when we would be unable to guarantee this. In most circumstances we would inform you why we have to break confidentiality and of the action that we have to take.

Some exceptional circumstances where we cannot guarantee confidentiality are:

You inform us that you are abusing a child
You inform us of a child being abused or at risk of abuse
You are abusing a vulnerable adult
You inform us of a vulnerable adult being abused or at risk of abuse
The circumstances you describe to us mean that you are in immediate danger
You plan to deliberately harm or endanger someone’s life
During a face to face meeting you have told us that you have just taken action to end your own life or if
you tell us this over the telephone and we know your identity
You are have taken action to end your life while responsible for the care of a child or dependant
You use illegal drugs on RASASH premises
You are found to be selling any drugs on our premises
You are under the age of 18yrs and we have concerns about your well-being or believe that you are at risk of harm or in danger (see our separate policy for Young Survivors)
We will explain this in more detail when we first speak with you.

Criminal Injuries Compensation 

When you stop using our service we will ask you what you would like done with any notes we have kept about your support. You can request that we keep these for up to two years so you can access them in the event that you decide to pursue a criminal injuries claim. Alternatively you can ask us to destroy them. If you ask us to keep them, we will store them securely (under a reference number) for 2 years, after which we will shred them.

Anyone wishing to apply for criminal injuries compensation should be aware that if you need data from your file then this should be requested within the two years. You can request further details and information about this at any time.

You do not need to be represented to apply for criminal injuries compensation. You can get free advice from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority on Freephone: 0800 358 3601 (www.cica.gov.uk) or from organisations such as Victim Support on 0845 303 0900 (www.victimsupport.org.uk) or Citizens Advice (www.citizensadvice.org.uk)

The address for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is: Tay House, 300 Bath Street, GLASGOW, G2 4LN