Prevention work with young people from S1 to aged 25

There is significant evidence of sexual and other violence becoming more prevalent in young people’s relationships, as well as high levels of childhood and adult sexual violence. The use of social media and mobile technology to perpetuate sexual harassment and bullying is also well documented. These forms of violence reflect the increasing sexualisation of children and young people and are linked to the widespread availability and accessibility of pornography, and the influence of this on young people’s perceptions of appropriate or ‘normal’ sexual behaviour. Young people report accessing pornography as a type of 'sex education' and a recent NSPCC survey, in conjunction with One Poll, reported that:

  • 1 in 5 children aged 12-13 think that watching porn is normal behaviour
  • Nearly 1 in 10 children aged 12-13 are worried that they might be addicted to porn
  • Around 1 in 5 of those surveyed said they'd seen pornographic images that had shocked or upset them
  • 12% of those surveyed admitted to making or being part of a sexually explicit video

RASASH provides age-appropriate workshops to young people on topics such as gender, consent, how to prevent sexual violence, sexualisation and social media. We use the national Rape Crisis Scotland ‘Preventing Sexual Violence’ pack.

This program has been well evaluated and the recently published report of the external evaluators findings can be found here.

The pack has been designed to complement the work of schools, other education providers and local policy and strategy, and fulfils a number of Curriculum for Excellence Outcomes. These learning experiences are encouraged by the new Highland Council Violence Against Women education pathway, which teachers can find on GLOW.

RASASH recognises that schools in particular have busy timetables, and are often approached by third sector agencies. This is why the resource, and the Sexual Violence Prevention Workers delivering it, are flexible and can adapt to meet the specific needs of individual schools or groups.

Feedback from Young People

“The sessions were well thought out and presented perfectly,
and I wouldn't change them myself.”

“I think it's a good idea to have someone qualified who isn’t a
teacher teaching us about rape, sexing and consent”

“M explained things well. She involved a lot of people in
her discussions. She was very good at getting us to
understand things better.”

Feedback from Teachers

“Related very well to our young people in school. M
was well prepared and from the start had a good rapport
with pupils.”

“Several of the students have spoken very positively about
the sessions and how helpful they were. I would definitely
like to have more input from RASASH in the future.”

“M was an excellent presenter - confident, aware of
her audience and highly professional. It was a pleasure to
work with her.”


For more information on the prevention program please contact us at or on our business telephone  01463 257657.

You can also download more information about our workshops and their content here: Workshops Summary.pdf