Preventing Sexual Violence

Sexual violence, in all its forms from sexual harassment to child abuse and rape, is a serious problem that can have long lasting and severe impact on those who experience or are affected by it. Worldwide, sexual violence is one of the most common human rights violations, and is bolstered and supported by a pervasive mythology that holds the victim or survivor at least partially responsible for the violence and violation they experience. The beliefs and attitudes that perpetuate sexual violence are so well established that they often go unnoticed.

At RASASH, we believe that we all have a role to play in challenging, preventing and eradicating sexual violence.

RASASH believes that ending sexual violence benefits everybody, and that everyone has a responsibility to work towards a world where this is a reality.

Education is an important element of prevention. We offer free information and resources and can provide you with an evidence based and positively evaluated training programme. This programme is primarily designed for delivering to young people though it is suitable for adults too.

Depending on the specifics of your request, we can also offer bespoke training on many aspects of sexual violence. We would usually, though not always, charge you for this. Click on the links for more information on what we can offer.