WE ARE CURRENTLY SEEKING AMBASSADORS. See below for role description and application form!


Stand Up! RASASH is a young person's volunteering project which provides a platform for young Highlanders between the ages of 13-25 to stand up against sexual violence.

The project is young person lead and community focused: that means we ask young people what they think the biggest issues in their local communities are and we work together to come up with ideas to make a positive difference. You can follow the Stand Up RASASH Blog here.

We currently have 12 Stand Up! Ambassadors across Highland, as well as a number of community fundraising volunteers. You can find out about just some of the work Stand Up! Volunteers have been doing at the following links:

Holding and speaking at a Scottish Parliament event 

- Standing up to street harassment

Fundraising efforts 

You can keep up to date with Stand Up! RASASH on: their blog and Instagram



“It was so refreshing to talk about sexual violence as it is something which is rarely discussed. Sexual assault has always angered me but I have always felt powerless to do anything about it. I loved being given the opportunity to finally take a stand” - Charlie, 16


Stand Up! aims to:

1. Empower young people to safely and confidently challenge problematic ideas and behaviours around sexual violence and inequality in their communities by providing them with the knowledge and skills to do so.

2. Provide young people with experiences and opportunities which will enhance their life skills and well-being, and thus their future prospects.

3. Encourage community ownership of sexual violence and inequalities issues and to promote social activism in the Highlands.

4. Make our support services more youth accessible by using the experiences of young people to shape the support we provide young survivors.

5. Promote and increase RASASH fundraising opportunities to increase our capacity to support survivors across the Highlands and to run future young people projects.


"I have gained the confidence to stand up to sexism and a huge sense that I have actually helped the young people who are suffering from the effects of rape culture on a daily basis." - Ambassador, 17


There are three ways to get involved with Stand Up! RASASH

1.Volunteer to become a Stand Up! RASASH Young Ambassador

WE ARE CURRENTLY SEEKING AMBASSADORS. See below role description and application form

Ambassadors commit to volunteering at least 10 hours per month. They get involved and inspire RASASH’s prevention, campaigning and fundraising work, following a bit of RASASH training. If you would like to learn how to make a positive difference in your community, all while gaining great skills-based experience that will open up loads of extra doors in your future, the Young Ambassador program may be for you!

Find out more about what the role involves:Stand Up! Young Ambassador Role Description 26.8.16.pdf

Apply to be an Ambassador: Young Ambassador Application Form 26.8.16.docx

2. Volunteer to become a Stand Up! RASASH Community Fundraiser

Community fundraisers come up with ideas to inspire their community to stand up against sexual violence while raising funds to support their local sexual violence support service - RASASH! This part of the project could suit you if you don't think you can commit to being an Ambassador, but still want to make a difference, or maybe if you're part of a group looking for a fundraising or volunteering project. We can give you ideas, materials and plenty of support along the way.

To get involved with fundraising for us, and to get your very own fundraising pack, please email prevention@rasash.org.uk and we will get back to you with more information

3. Get involved in the conversation

Change happens when people get involved in conversations which challenge or explore what has become the norm. Just by contributing to discussions on the Stand Up! Instagram and blog pages or by sharing things from them you can get people in your community talking and standing up to sexual violence together.

For more information or to apply to get involved in Stand Up! RASASH please don't hesitate to contact us on prevention@rasash.org.uk or call us on 01463 257657